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Features :    
  : Passive fully automatic protection.
  : Needle sharp tip is enclosed inside a plastic cage after pulling out.
  : The plastic cage is designed as such that once needle sharp tip in fully
enclosed inside it cant not come out of the cage hence prevent
Healthcare professionals from the risk of accident due to needle stick
injury of injection.
  : The size of Safety I.V. Cannula is very similar to conventional I.V. Cannula
and the technique of cannulation is similar to cannulation technic of
conventional I.V. Cannula.
Options Available : * FEP/PTFE/PUR Catheter
* Hydrophobic Filter
* Packaging in Coloured Paper
* Medical Kraft Paper/Tyvek
* I.V. Cannula with wings & without port.
*I.V. Cannula without wings & without injection port.
Available Sizes :
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