Features :
Compressor Nebulizer machine use compressed air to deliver asthma medicine as a wet aerosol- a fine mist that can be inhaled.

Safe-NEB allows the medication to go directly to a person's airways and lungs and the medication can be given over a long period of time.

Safe-NEB makes inhaling medication easier for people who are having serious difficulty in breathing or who have trouble using an inhaler which requires careful timmng and control of one's breathing.

1. Compressor based
2. Compact and portable
3. Efficient respiratory therapy
4. Useful for all ages
5. Can be operated continuously 20min-ON, 40min-OFF
Specifications –

Maximum compressor pressure - 2.5 – 3.0 bar

Nebulization rate - 0.3 ml / min

Nebulizer cup capacity - 6ml

Particle size( mmad) - 0.5µm to 5µm

Noise level - 55 dba

Dimensions (compressor only) - 10.7”x 6.6”x4.5”

Weight (compressor only) - 1.83 kg ( 4.0 pound)

Electrical requirement - 120v/ 60 h2 - 220v/ 50h2

Operation cycles - operation for 20min & off for 40min

Warranty – one year

Nebulizer assembly and Accessories –

1. Tubing
2. Nebulizer cup
3. Nebulizer insert
4. Nebulizer cap
5. An adult mask
6. Mouth piece
7. 5 extra filters

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