Disposafe provides low to high volume manufacturing solutions specific to our customers’ needs. We can fullfil the complete medical device requirements, from components and sub-assemblies to finished packaged products.

All finished medical device manufacturing and assembly is carried out on-site in our world class manufacturing facility in ISO Class 7 (10 K) and ISO Class 8 (100K ) Cleanroom environments. We have a proven Quality Management System in place in accordance with WHO GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE certification, that supports the drive for efficiencies through our continuous improvement process. .

Our team have done business with many Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies over the years. We work with many of the world’s leading Medical Device companies, supporting them through critical phases of their product development needs.

Some of our core capabilities include:

• Essential manual work
• Catheter tipping
• Blockage and leak Testing
• Secondary forming processes, tipping, assembling etc
• Continuous online production, printing, sealing, blister, packaging.
• Labelling and final packaging
• Sterilisation process management.


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